We have been operating primarily with container and vehicle transport for over 20 years and have garnered a great reputation in that time for our integrity, honesty, and great customer service.

Wicked Logistics, the first name that comes to mind when it concerns Transport & Relocation
That we aspire to be wicked is self-evident but what is not so explicitly stated is that we intend to spare our wickedness for our competitors and strive to be nothing less than a manna from heaven to our treasured clients and customers. Indeed customer satisfaction remains our top most priority. Offering a whole spectrum of vehicle, equipment, machinery, transport and home relocation services in Australia Wicked Logistics is the name you can bank upon in your quest for vehicle transport services Australia.

The Niche of Vehicle Transport Services
Vehicle transport services are a particular type of transport that most individuals face the need of from time to time. One might have to move to a new place or in some cases one might just need to send a lot of goods to another place or the transport might be on a bigger organizational or corporate scale, it might involve the transport of several tonnes of goods in containers. In the particular niche of vehicle transport services Wicked Logistics is proud to have made a name for itself.

The Entire Scope of Our Services
The transport of key and otherwise equipments, vehicles irrespective of large or small, machinery, essential to industry and agriculture alike form the core set of transport solutions that Wicked Logistics seeks to provide. A key player in the field of Machinery Transport Australia and Equipment Transport Wicked Logistics provides solutions that are just perfect for your needs.

Not limiting itself to the business sector Wicked Logistics provides home relocation services Australia and worldwide. If the need is for transportation then chances are that Wicked Logistics are your best option.

The premiere name in vehicle relocation Wicked Logistics has the primary aim to satisfy the wants of its customers first and foremost and reserves its wickedness exclusively for its contemporaries outperforming them both in terms of quality of service as well as cost efficiency. Truly Wicked!!!

We have been providing home relocation services now for quite some time and have built an excellent national network of transport vendors capable of all types of delivery formats. Our service is second to none, and you will be surprised how cheap DIY removals is. We provide relocation services to all parts of Australia. For a no fuss quote, please complete the form on the right and we will get back to you within 24 hours of receipt of your request.
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